Please allow me to introduce these 2 imagines above. The Bradford exchange Nurse here << named Cynthia, stands sweet and kind in Toronto sick kids donated by me Juliet in the 90's in Toronto On Canada. Also 1 of our granddaughter`s name too. And the beautiful laced Good NEWS Sunshine bear >>is named Christine, actually after our sweet ma Christine who was originally from France, did pass on Jan 2010 so to honor HEALTH and her we aired Christine The Sunshine Bear donated locally through CHBC Global GOOD News Bears supporting their donation program for the local foodbank fall of 2010 from all of us east to west. Her daughter Juliet-me , Christine and Cynthia mean the GOODNESS of health and actually Cynthia is a live real wonderful lady that still to this day is a huge impact to Toronto sick kids,Cindy. And another lady a friend and a real nice Dr Cythnia. To have this opportunity to share is actually an HONOUR and to all 4 health. My HEALTH ANGELS hold hands NOW, across CANADA forming a sweet UMBRELLA 4 HEALTH! Be it male or female. Now Over 52 yrs sweet and strong. this also GOOD relationship between Dr's and patients so as message and false info is not applied to either young or old but is correctly and LEGALLY charted. keeping all our records for HEALTH Canada straight so as no blaming Dr's or patient as health is a TEAM effort. 
​​​​ I enjoy u all visiting and THANK U for being a part of ​MUFFINS4MUNCHKINS!!!  thank u also everyone for all the emails and being patient while I respond thanks!
Enjoy these RECIPES everyone as I will mix them up from time to time and share also some soup recipes as many have asked me to do so, so if u know the movie Julie and Julia then now JULIET!
seriously I offer anyone to share this and build a future of true real LEGAL stories and GROWE!!!​
​please Visit me again as I share Juliet's tidbits on HEALTH.

​Pic along side>> is actual and real, legal proof of MY reality ​​ME!
I also received DVD in 2014 of my internal inside to help in future to have no confusions to nice Dr's. NO MORE!!!
I am a former Toronto sickkid and thanks to them and all and family and our children n grand as I would not be here if they did not tend for me. I did survive and HEAL chickenpox on lungs  and some organs and I am just grateful to be able to live LIFE and BREATHE. I am also a Former Toronto Sunshine Girl​! And truly west here in local liquior store I have footage of sitting with famous Dan Aykroyd in Kelowna BC as he signs my former TO sunshine pic from back in the 80 in Toronto! wow
This is 4 U Canada and ALL of u in it. MAY the future be blessed with GOOD Love, health and finances to eat live and GROWE 4 all of U! ​
PS LIFE IS TRULY about having FUN no matter whats INSIDE or OUT!​
I also had opportunity and became  #1 on google with my prior site but I got shy and took it down it was www.healthgrowesup.com  xo​​
MENTAL well, OUR/My mind had a huge part of me healing so now I stand up 4 all 4 all HEALTH. And just go on and be SWEET and STRONG till my days call me home in SHABBATT SHALOM .

​​PLEASE connect and share what Dr's tell u as it will keep our CANADA 2 gether k xo :)

So U all know some of the GREAT companies around me that I use and connect with, CRTC, Rogers Communications coast 2 coast, Visa, TD Canada Trust , Global coast 2 coast, Sirius, Toronto Sun, Lafarge, Flangeman Brantford Ontario, Best Transfer, ​
PLEASE READ BELOW TO VIEW SOME PERSONAL INFO all real,true and LEGAL. Truly real and rewarding..............................................
​​WELCOME everyone! JUST as the fish above reads, WELCOME!


​​Muffins4munchkins is a real SWEET touch! 
​Truly and honestly I can say, it was planned! 

​NOW my plan is to invite EVERY Canadian, to HELP better our Canadian health care coast to coast , and PROVINCE to PROVINCE!
We r one country CANADA, so this site will now keep HEALTH CANADA #1
My CAUSE is to KEEP PUBLIC, about MENTAL health​.
A very hidden and extremely hard fact to focus or prove. But from time to time we all CAN experienced MIND and why n HOW to take care of it and without me knowing ANYONE or DR's west mine just happen to be aired out in the WHOLE community publicly west BC. I/WE tried to stop this west but it was actually my childhood place back in the east over 43 yrs later came and not just told me a TRUE story but it was me and REAL WOW. Due to our mother passing east in 2009 legaly they became my VOICE. Even I could not avoid it.
SO NOW to waste no more time this is the side I chose to show as it does me more rest and peace as we all have our STUFF. And along U and me and many wonderful folks now coast 2 coast in CANADA we can help for our future 4 all. I am also a former Toronto sunshine girl from back in the 80's. So we r gonna have some fun with a lot and enjoy LIFE and LOVE. Being a former Toronto sickkid the grew up and a former Toronto sunshine girl I guess u can say I brought to the west the BEST part of me life and living it fully. we do have local footage of Dan Aykroyd signing my pic from the east in local liquior store. and did air sunshine bear on local CHBC good news bears in 2010.
We will NOW waste no time and now in the very community I live I am accepting items of DONATION.
​I am public with ALL including Dr`s and Gov.and together with many  others we will now bring in as much as we can for those of NEED!
Please help us donate items that the food bank does not DO. Such as detergent. shampoos, cleaners and pet care and so much more. We have already started. Also when u buy a recipe below it will generate and that business is already connected with my disabled taxes.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Please note that the LOGO u
p TOP^^ is LEGAL and TRUE, so enjoy. ​
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^^^<<< the SOFT teddy bear blankets r an incentive from an angel  friend here, that saw these blankets with donations going to many children or for ANY AGE!  Please email me below and we/I will  assist u to donate these blankets of HOPE.
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So ​PLEASE ANYONE CONNECTING HERE if u CAN NOT GET THE RECIPE VIA system trouble, then send me an email see below. I will confirm your purchased recipe n payment with paypals first and then we/I will send u recipe via my personal touch k . thx 4 understanding.
​​This is a safe site, it is MY site and also the views are only mine!
Please I challenge u to buy a recipe  >>>>>>>>>>ONLY $3. paypal will assist u!  ENJOY see u again soon.
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Above is In Toronto Children's Hospital as it stands TODAY, there is me n one of our GRAND kids. Also sitting in our favorite place, MACDONALDS, below is a dear angel friend Emmi, that works behind the scenes with me. We share as this grows not in all NORTH America yet but in Canada for the health of its people. But we r a world and all the people belong to the MAKER!!!
A blast from the past, Us
from east visiting in the
​70`s, Whistler BC CANADA
Nice memories thanks,